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Research topics

  • Collaborative work
  • Ontologies
  • Graph optimisation
  • Genetic algorithms
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Services-oriented architecture


2007 :

  • Dynamic Optimization for Medical Emergencies Management, Olivier Kuhn, Creput Jean-Charles, Amir Hajjam and Abder Koukam, first international conference on telemedecine, E-MEDISYS, 24-26 Octobre 2007.

Current projets

My thesis

Subject: Modélisation et optimisation des pratiques collaboratives

CIFRE THESIS of University of Lyon 1, in joint supervision with Strabourg University.

Begin date: October 2007

Involved laboratories:

  • LIRIS (UMR 5205-CNRS), University C.B. Lyon I
  • LSIIT (UMR 7005-CNRS), University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg

Thesis directors:

  • Pr. Parisa Ghodous, LIRIS
  • Pr. Pierre Collet, LSIIT

Company: PROSTEP France and PROSTEP Germany

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Olivier Kuhn
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email: olivier.kuhn[at]liris.cnrs.fr

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