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Since 2016, the BFO team split into 2 new teams:

Whatever is below pertains to the BFO team and is therefore obsolete.

Presentation of the former BFO team

The BFO team "theoretical bioinformatics, data mining, and stochastic optimisation" covers a wide spectrum of research in computer science, from bioinformatics to artificial intelligence. Its research themes are:

The team members participate to research projects, often involving collaborations with other laboratories or companies. Two software platforms support those works.

Team life consists of its team meetings, visiting researchers, and other events. The team regularly offer internships, PhD and post-doc positions.

The team is located on Télécom Physique at Illkirch and at the medical school in Strasbourg.


In 2007, the AFD (machine learning and data mining) and BT (theoretical bioinformatics) teams of the LSIIT laboratory merged to create a new team on "Data mining and theoretical bioinformatics".

In 2008, the "stochastic optimisation" theme was created and the team renamed "BFO".

In 2012, the "knowledge engineering" theme was created.

In 2013, the LSIIT laboratory merged with other laboratory to create the ICube laboratory on Engineering, Computer and Image sciences and the "integrated bioinformatics and genomics" theme was created.